Friday, January 2, 2009

Virginia Woolf -Anon-Women Writer - Sandy Jeffs

Virginia Woolf has an interesting tid bit on anon's in A Room Of Ones Own.
The book is an investigation of Women Writers and Fiction.  Woolf imagines what the life of Shakespeare's sister would have been like - "who shall measure the heat and violence of the poets heart when caught in tangles in a woman's body?" (p. 48)...
The guise of anon is a place that women writers have found the ability to speak beyond the limitations of other's perceptions and societal norms-
Woolf writes, "Indeed, I would venture to guess that Anon, who wrote so many poems without signing them, was often a woman." (p. 49)
"And undoubtedly, I thought, looking at the shelf where there are no plays by women, her work would have gone unsigned.  That refuge she would have sought certainly.  It was the relic of the sense of chasity that dictated anonymity to women even so late as the nineteenth century...publicity in women is detestable.  Anonymity runs in their blood.  The desire to be veiled still posses them." (p.50)

Poem By Sandy Jeffs from The Wings of Angels A Memoir of Madness--SAndy Jeffs has lived with schizophrenia and all its moods for twenty-five years----2004 (Pinifex) p. 75


I, Sandy, cybernaut
traveller of old
surf the net
born again in cyberspace
avatar & idol
clone of many alter egos & cyber-selves
at home in my cyber-neighbourhood

I, Sandy, cyber-student
procurer of cyber-knowledge in my cyber-world
of dot com, dot net, dot edu
drown in acronyms
I cyber-babble in a chat room
of disembodied cyber-friends
move in a virtual community write Slash ficition &
watch cyber portn

I, Sandy cyber-hacker
infiltrate NASA, the Pentagon,
the FBI, the CIA & ASIO
the new Everest to conquer
with my comrades Electron & Pheonix
craving kudos & infamy 
the computer my only friend.

I Sandy, cyber-priestess
practise cyber religion
worship cyber-spirits & cyber-gods
exorcise cyber-devils form my cyber-soul
I send cyber-message to
I seek the protection of cyber-angels
& the intercession of cyber-saints
At the end of my cyber-odyssey
awaits cyber-death, cyber-apocalypse
cyber-paradise, cyber-utopia
&cyber immortality

I, Sandy, cyber-mother
made love in cyberspace
& gave birth to cyborg twins
Mozart & Hitler

Hypertext And Feminism

Bitch magazine's Spring 2008 did a piece on Anons--taking an overwhelming negative tone they focused on attacks to feminist blogs.  ASsuming - (rightly, wrongly, ?) that Anon's are white sexist racist males they generally condemned the groups--their is no live link to the article but you can see some blogs about the issue that highlight the general perspective.

The internet has been widely theorized as a blank space - a white male space.  But what about the damned parts of the internet?  Shelly Jackson's Patchwork Girl is a prime example of the possibilities of hypertext literature that explores the feminine and its hysterical connections to a hyper-texted logic.  

"She's not what he says she is.  The banished body is not female necessarily, but it is feminine.  That is, it's amorphous indirect, impure, diffuse, multiple, evasive.  So is what we learned to call bad writing.  Good writing is direct, effective, clean as a bleached bone.  Bad writing is all flesh, and dirty flesh at that: clogged with a build-up of clutter and crud, knick-knacks and fripperies encrusted on every surface, a kind of gluey scum gathering in the chinks.  Hypertext is everything that for centuries has been damned by its association with the feminine (which has also, by the way, been damned by its association with it, in a bizarre mutual proof without any fixed term).  It's dispersed, languorous, flaunting its charms all over the courtyard.  Like flaccid beauties in a harem, you might say, if you wanted to inspire a rigorous distaste for it.  Hypertext then, is what literature has edited out: the feminine.  (That is not to say that only women can produce it.  Women have no more natural gift for the feminine than men do.)"

What I am Doing

For Mike Wesch's Spring 2009 digital ethno class at KSU I will research AnOn.  
Some Information---
Anons said to Scientology-

What about FemAnon or Anon Gender is Anon - sex- sexy - male - female - trans -

Anon's have been accused of being sexist racist etc.  
But who is Anon?  And how can none be responsible for some?